Mady said yes to forever with Cody!! Y’all- this day was a whirlwind. Cody contacted me wanting to propose to Mady, but wasn’t sure how to do it and have her be surprised. This led me to the idea of posting a “model call” and having one of her friends tell her to swipe up on it (pretty good idea if you ask me). This way Mady would be able to get her nails, hair and makeup done without it seeming suspicious or out of the ordinary. We met in the parking lot and I introduced myself to both of them as if Cody and I haven’t been planning this for a week. Around 5 minutes into the session a SNOW SQUALL came out of nowhere and almost wiped us out. We had to run back to our cars while being pelted with heavy snow and insane winds. I got in my car and I was going crazy trying to figure out what was next – will Cody get to propose? Are we going to have to leave? What the heck is going on?! Luckily, the squall ended just about as quickly as it began, and the sun started to come back out. We collectively decided to run out and grab 10 more minutes of photos before calling it a night. I did a few more prompts before giving Cody the signal to do his thang and BOOM-here we are! I am so lucky that I was able to not only witness, but capture a truly life changing moment for these two. M+C, I wish you a lifetime of love & happiness. Congratulations again, here’s to you.🥂🖤

New Haven, CT Winter Proposal








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